Ruskington Village

Welcome to Ruskington, a vibrant and thriving village nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire, just four miles north of the market town of Sleaford and conveniently situated sixteen miles from Lincoln, Boston, and Grantham. Boasting its own railway station on the Lincoln to Peterborough Line and a regular bus service connecting to Lincoln and Sleaford, Ruskington is well-connected for both residents and visitors.

Our community is rich in amenities, including a modern medical center, library, post office, and a diverse array of independent businesses and quality retail and food outlets. The village is also home to a popular garden centre that attracts many visitors.

Education is a priority in Ruskington, with two primary schools, Winchelsea Primary School and Chestnut Street Primary School, catering to younger students. For older children, St George's Academy provides secondary education, while sixth form opportunities are available in nearby Sleaford.

Despite its flat fenland setting, Ruskington holds significant historical importance, with an Anglo-Saxon burial ground and a Roman road within the western boundary of the village.

About Ruskington Parish Council

Ruskington Parish Council (RPC) is a local government organisation accountable to the electorate. Working collaboratively with North Kesteven District Council (NKDC), Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), and other agencies such as the Environment Agency, our primary goal is to ensure that Ruskington remains a clean, safe, and vibrant community for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

The Council raises an annual precept, a proportion of the Council Tax allocated to the RPC, to fulfill specific powers and duties while always acting within the law. Examples of our responsibilities include installing play equipment and bus shelters, providing land for allotments, awarding grants to eligible local community groups, and maintaining the land and community property within the 30mph speed limit signs.

Ruskington Parish Council consists of 13 Members (Councillors) and employs 7 members of staff.

Land and community assets owned and managed by Ruskington Parish Council

Owned by Ruskington Parish Council:

- The allotments on Horseshoe Close.

- Horseshoe Hollow Local Nature Reserve.

- Garden of Remembrance.

- Elmtree play area.

- Parkfield sports field, pavilion, changing rooms, and play area.

- Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) – Parkfield.

- Beckside play area.

- Sleaford Road Cemetery.

Ruskington Parish Council is also a local burial authority, owning the Sleaford Road cemetery and managing interment requests.

Managed by Ruskington Parish Council:

- Public toilets on Church Street (owned by North Kesteven District Council).

- Hillside play area (land owned by North Kesteven District Council).

- All-Saints churchyard (owned by the Church of England).

- Parish Office & grounds at 7-9 High Street North, Ruskington, NG34 9DY.

- Community Garden (owned by Lincolnshire Co-op).

RPC additionally coordinates grass cutting in specified areas throughout the village on behalf of LCC and NKDC. Explore and enjoy the diverse assets that make Ruskington a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.