litter bin sign new
Dual litter bin sign. Litter and dog waste can go in this bin.

Did you know that In 2022, our caretaker team collected 50,066 items of litter from around our village?

Fact 1 - Throughout Ruskington village there are a 27 green litter bins and 20 red dog waste bins, a total of 47 bins

Fact 2 - You can put litter and dog waste in the green bins and dog waste only in the red bins.

Fact 3 - Ruskington Parish Council are gradually replacing the red dog waste bins with green dual litter bins.

Fact 4 - All litter bins in the village are emptied by NKDC waste operatives every Friday, including Bank Holidays. 

Fact 5 - Litter bins are not for household waste. Please use your own household wheelie bins - thank you.

Seen some littering? You can report it here.

Seen someone fail to clean up their dog's waste? Report it here.

Published: Thursday, 18th May 2023