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Hello, wonderful residents of Ruskington!

Have you ever wondered who to call when there's a pothole on your road, or when you need to apply for housing? Well, we're here to clear up any confusion and explain the responsibilities of your County, District, and Parish Councils. Let’s dive in!

Lincolnshire County Council

First up, we have the Lincolnshire County Council. These folks are the big players handling many of the major services that keep our county running smoothly. Here’s a quick rundown of what they do:

  • Education: They look after our schools and educational services.
  • Transport and Roads: This includes fixing potholes and maintaining street lighting to ensure our roads are safe.
  • Flood Risk Management: Together with partners, they work to manage and reduce flood risks.
  • Planning: They handle larger planning issues that affect the entire county.
  • Fire and Public Safety: Ensuring we’re all safe from fires and other public hazards.
  • Social Care: Supporting those in need, from children to the elderly.
  • Libraries: Keeping our libraries stocked and running.
  • Waste Management: Overseeing the larger-scale waste services.
  • Public Rights of Way Maintenance: Making sure our footpaths and bridleways are accessible.
  • Trading Standards: Ensuring local businesses trade fairly and safely.

North Kesteven District Council

Next, let’s talk about the North Kesteven District Council. They focus on services that are more localised to our district. Here’s what they take care of:

  • Rubbish Collection and Recycling: Managing our weekly rubbish and recycling services.
  • Housing and Housing Needs Services: Helping those in need of housing and managing social housing.
  • Planning Applications: Handling the planning applications for new buildings and developments.
  • Environmental Health: Keeping our district healthy and safe from environmental hazards.
  • Tourism, Leisure, and Amenities: Promoting tourism and maintaining our parks and leisure facilities.
  • Collection of Council Tax: Making sure the council tax is collected efficiently.
  • Building Control: Ensuring new buildings are up to standard and safe.

Ruskington Parish Council

Last but certainly not least, we have Ruskington Parish Council—your local, friendly team here in the heart of the village. We focus on services right here in Ruskington. Here’s what we’re responsible for:

  • Community Buildings: Looking after the village hall and other community spaces.
  • Allotments: Managing our lovely allotments for all you green-fingered folks.
  • Cemeteries: Maintaining the dignity and upkeep of our cemetery.
  • Litter Bins: Ensuring our village stays clean and tidy.
  • Public Conveniences: Keeping our public toilets clean and accessible.
  • Recreation Grounds: Maintaining our parks and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy.
  • War Memorials: Honouring our history by caring for our war memorial and Garden of Remembrance.

We hope this clears up who does what around here. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help!

Stay safe and take care.

Published: Wednesday, 19th June 2024